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CFO Advisory Services for Those Demanding Performance Improvement

Realize maximum value from your business.  You deserve it.

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Streamline the Process

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Align All Resources

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Propel Your Strategy

Your Finance Team is Not Strategic

A lack of vision is holding you back.

  • Financial reporting is not timely or insightful

  • Internal control deficiencies plague your organization

  • Full-cycle strategic planning processes are non-existent

  • Short-term and long-term funding requirements are not scenario-based or stress-tested

Unleash Your Finance Team's Full Potential

Process Development

Rationalized processes that improve the efficiency and timing of key financial activities

Full-Cycle Planning

A financial planning process that helps drive your business strategy and alignment across your organization

Finance Education

Engage your entire team through foundational finance education that inspires collaboration

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Shaping the Finance Processes that are Vital to Your Success

Based on successes working with companies of various sizes, spanning multiple industry segments, and comprised of different ownership structures

Strategy Enhancement Through Finance Process Improvement

1 - Book an Introductory Consultation

We'll discuss your current finance structure, the challenges it presents to your business strategy, and start outlining a path forward

2 - Current State Analysis and Gap Analysis

We'll conduct an assessment of the current state processes and outline a gap analysis based on the desired future state

3 - Gap Remediation Planning and Implementation

We'll develop a remediation plan based on the gap assessment along with an approach to implement the changes

4 - Instill a Continuous Improvement Mindset

We'll ensure that your business has a long-term plan to not only maintain the improvements, but to also continuously improve upon the installed processes


You deserve to realize maximum value from all that you have invested in your business.

Your Weekly CFO differs from other fractional CFO firms due to a specialized focus on Finance Process Improvement (FPI).  FPI allows clients to extract maximum value from their existing business while increasing projected returns on future business through strategy alignment, and people and resource development.

Finance Should Not Be a Drag on Your Strategy

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How Should a Finance Function be Structured?

Any function that does not generate a return for your business is a drain on your valuable resources.  One such drain is a finance function that lacks a strategic structure.

'The Four Pillars of Finance: Propelling Your Business Strategy', introduces why having a strategic finance function is critical for your business and provides an outline of a structure that should be implemented.

Stay in the Know with 'Your Weekly CFO'

  • A weekly newsletter covering finance, strategy, and team leadership.  The numbers and much more.

  • Appropriate for anyone who impacts financial results - that means you

Financial Report

Your business can be more profitable....

....and your finance team should be driving 

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