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Business Meeting

Perform Strategically With Dedicated Finance Support

Invest in a finance strategy that will propel your business forwards

Simply Reviewing Financial Statements?  You Are:

  • Not Optimizing Your Existing Business: Without a thorough understanding of your finances and processes, hidden costs will negatively impact your profit and cash flow

  • Missing Out on Expansion Opportunities: Without a complete understanding of your cost structure, you cannot make strategic decisions on business expansion 

  • Sharing too Much of Your Profit with the Competition: Without a thorough understanding of your finances and cost structure, you cannot reach your highest potential versus your competition

  • Leaving Money on the Table in the Event of a Sale: Every dollar you are unable to uncover in your business is a dollar that will transfer to someone else

Business Meeting

Fractional CFO Advisory Offering

Fractional CFO Advisory from Your Weekly CFO provides you with access to a dedicated financial strategist to support you financial decision making

Your business needs the insights and guidance that take you beyond the numbers.

With this service offering, you receive:

1 x 60 Minute CFO Session per Month

2 x 30 Minute CFO Check-Ins per Month

Unlimited Support via Messaging and Email

Preparation for Sessions Referenced Above

Business Meeting

Financial Transformation Offering

Whether you are projecting rapid growth or you are looking to strengthen your internal processes, a streamlined end-to-end finance process will aid support you strategic objectives

Manage Complexity Through Structure

Define and refine Key Processes, instill a robust Internal Controls structure, introduce and implement Full-Cycle Business Planning....

....Educate the broader team on the Fundamentals of Finance, and drive alignment of Key Performance Indicators throughout your business. 

Invest in a finance strategy that will propel your organization forwards. 

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We Start Here

Introductory Consultation

We begin with a free 60-minute introductory consultation.  During this discussion, we'll cover the current structure of your finance organization. We'll also discuss what you need from your finance function to support your business strategy.  Nothing is needed from you, just call-in.

Giving a Presentation

Months 3 to 4

Education & Alignment

Once the foundation has been implemented, we build a process of company-wide alignment and data analysis. Through establishing functional level KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and educating the entire team on finance fundamentals, we drive engagement.

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Months 1 to 2

Developing the Structure

During the initial phase, we build the structure for the future.  This includes assessing the current state of your finance function and building a strong foundation.  Accounting processes, financial reporting, cash-flow forecasting, and management reviews will be developed.

Bar Chart

Months 5 to 6

Continuous Improvement

The success achieved over the first two phases of the engagement must not be lost.  Ensuring there is a continuous improvement system is key for sustained success.  This comes from routinely checking processes and implementing a full-cycle approach to business planning.

Data on a Touch Pad

Months 6+

As Needed Fractional Support

Ongoing Fractional CFO Advisory is available at the conclusion of the Finance Process Improvement Engagement.

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